About Nueces County

Nueces County, always a popular beachfront vacation spot for Texans from around the state, supports numerous cultural, historical and recreational activities. As the fourteenth most-populous county in the state, the welfare of its citizens is a priority.

Continuing to build upon their roadmap to success, Nueces County has a number of improvements they're looking at making in the region. The county's Capital Improvements Program (CIP) addresses both repair and replacement of major infrastructure as well as the construction or renovation of facilities, shelters, decks and parking areas to accommodate current and future demands for service.

Nueces County selected Projectmates' construction program management software to manage all of these projects in one, collaborative platform. By using Projectmates, the County will now have the right tools to hit project-related goals in a timely, effective and efficient manner while also providing a great service to the County and its citizens by saving taxpayer dollars.

About Projectmates Project Management Software for Cities & Government

Projectmates is an owner-focused, enterprise construction program management software with over 20 years of experience in providing solutions for a variety of industries. Projectmates provides cities, counties, federal, state, and government entities the ability to handle their projects from concept through closeout. Everything from new construction to water/sewer, transportation, and infrastructure can be made more efficient.

As an award-winning construction management software, Projectmates facilitates team collaboration and communication regardless of time or distance. With capital planning capabilities, finance and fund managers have an at-a-glance progress report of funds, including oversight of the financial program.

Powerful and informative project analytics and ad-hoc construction reporting also provide high-level project tracking with unparalleled transparency over construction projects. Projectmates provides a centralized location for workflow automation, document management, contract management, accounting integration, and much more.

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